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In today’s competitive scenarios, recruitment has become a mission critical for the HR function. Especially for the key positions in the organization it becomes more critical. Even though the manpower is available in abundance in the job market, searching the right talent has become a very tedious job.

Recruiting Pain Points
  • Deluge of unqualified candidates applying for jobs.
  • Jobsites help create a huge database of resumes but there is still no clear easy way to automatically distinguish between good and bad profiles.
  • Somebody still has to manually read through hundreds and thousands of resumes which are very time consuming. 
  • We end of wasting a lot of time interviewing the wrong candidates.
  • The interview ends of becoming a “rejection” round rather than a “selection” round.
  • If we can’t find the right person in a timely manner, we often compromise on hiring standards to “close” the position which increases the probability of a bad hire.

“Good candidates are often not available on jobsites and hence there is a high probability of missing these great profiles.”

Hiring for Start ups

In a growing economy like India, entrepreneur is the buzz word. As the population of internet savy people are increasing in our country most of these entrepreneurs are using technology as a base for their ventures. This is also visible from the inclination of angel investors and VCs to fund start ups with strong technology background.

With the expansion of use of cloud computing, the cost of technology has become insignificant. As a result the real cost of making these technology ventures successful, is availability of quality technology talent. Over the years most of the companies (including startups and established brands) have struggled to find the right talent for their assignments. For the startups the most important challenge entrepreneurs speak about is not razing funding or selling their product but to acquire the right talent but also retain it.

  • It is easier for a headhunter to convince a good profile for an opportunity with an established brand as compared to a start ups. These established brands can easily lure up the good profiles by offering higher salaries, and other employee benefits.
  • Often these talented pool of candidates may prove to be a great resource for a establish company, but when it comes to delivering in a start up venture, they fail miserably. Hence it becomes extremely important to identify the profiles that can work in a do or die scenario.
  • The first few employees can define the company culture. You cannot afford to have a bad hire as it will set a wrong trend.
  • Limited Budgets for hiring which often doesn’t matches with the inflating demands of prospective employees.
  • Most of the profiles have a myth that with bigger companies they are more secure than with Start-ups.

We at Alltimejobs understand these challenges. Our unique approach ensures that we evaluate the available talent on all the relevant parameters and search the best match as per your requirement. Our teams of experts, who bring just the right kind of experience, know the practical issues and hence can play an important role in raising the “human capital” for you.

Our Goals

For every position, we draw complete strategy to close it. We persue the talent not only on the jobsites and other social networking websites, but we actively chase other offline platforms where this talent could be available.
Our services to our clients don’t end at searching the profiles. We assist you in introducing your company to the candidate, coordinating and scheduling interviews. On Occasions, to save time of our clients, we have conducted the first round of interview on our own. This ensures that preliminary level of screening is done at our end and you get the selected profiles to make the final choice.

  • What we don’t want to be
    • We don’t want to be an agency who simply forwards you resumes based on a simple keyword match on a skill set in a resume database.
    • We don’t want to be an agency who forwards hundreds of resumes for a single opening.
  • What we want to be!
    • We want to be an agency whose every resume submission is relevant.
    • We want to be an agency who saves you time.
    • We want to be an agency that delights you by finding great candidates who were perhaps not even on your radar screen.
    • We want to be an agency which is completely aligned with your success.

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