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Domain Expertise
We at Alltimejobs, have a deep domain knowledge and expertise. We bring almost 2 decades of experience of running Technology based business and recruitment vertical. This experience has enabled to create wide network across the industries.
Hands on Approach Important stake holders are hands on in the search process. Their entire experience is available for your crucial hiring.
Believing in Searching Talent
We at Alltimejobs, don’t browse talent of the jobsites. We believe that often good profiles are not available on jobsites. Hence we actually search them through various medium. Our approach ensures that we find the person as per the requirement of our clients.
Search Strategy for Every Position
We don’t rely on a single medium of search. We draw a detailed search strategy which chases the good candidates on all platforms where they could be traced. This includes offline Meet-ups and informal gatherings.
We Focus on Quality not Quantity We at Alltimejobs, don’t believe in sending a deluge of profiles to our clients. We only send limited screened profiles to you. We want to save your time and hence our focus to make the interview process for you as a selection round (not a rejection round).
Customized Service We have an experienced team of recruiters. Each assignment is handled by a recruiter under the supervision of an expert. We thoroughly evaluate the profile on every minute parameter suggested by you, before considering it even for screening.
Process driven Approach
We are backed by strong systems and processes for each step of every assignment that we execute. This ensures that we don’t miss on any of the important parameter while executing the assignment. There are strict quality checks in place to ensure an error free execution. This ensures great output that we deliver to our clients.
Code of Ethics We follow strict Code of Ethics.
We Believe that
  • Vision driven organizations needs great talent to achieve goals.
  • Organizations want control on the success by attracting the right talent to work with them.
  • There is scarcity of quality talent and you need to actively search it.
  • Attracting great talent is a crucial task and you need to approach it the right way and that we have made it our specialty.
E-commerce and Technology Start-ups
Banking and Financial Services
Engineering Services (EPC)