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Our Mission

“Searching Exceptional Talent for Objective Driven Technology, E-Commerce, Banking and Finance and Engineering Services organizations”

Ethical Recruiting

We believe in Ethical Recruiting. We believe in building relationships that last. Our team is devoted to setting standards in quality, professionalism and ethics.

We strive to maintain the confidentiality, trust and transparency with our clients and thus serve our clients over a continual span of time. We follow strict code of ethics:

We follow strict Code of Ethics:
Conduct activities in a manner that reflects favorably on the profession.
Conduct business activities with integrity and avoid conduct that is deceptive or misleading.
Perform all recruitment assignments competently, and with an appropriate degree of knowledge, thoroughness and urgency.
Exercise objective and impartial judgment in each recruitment assignment, giving due consideration to all relevant facts.
Strive to be accurate in all communications with clients and candidates and encourage them to exchange relevant and accurate information.
Conflicts of Interest
Avoid, or resolve through disclosure and waiver conflicts of interest.
Respect confidential information entrusted by clients and candidates.
Serve clients loyally and protect client interests when performing assignments.
Equal Opportunity
Support equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluate all qualified candidates.
Public Interest
Conduct activities with respect for public interest.
Shall not re-recruit the candidate from the client organization for a period of two years from initial placement unless explicit permission is obtained.

Core Values
We are an organization with high value systems in place. We firmly believe that, our core values have ensured long lasting relationships with our clients and employees. These values have been a guiding force for us and we are committed to follow them with diligence.

Our Core Values are:

We believe in being honest at all levels irrespective of the situation and taking responsibility for all our actions. We inspire our clients to trust us by following our commitments. We are clear in our communication with both our clients and employees.
Service Excellence
We strive to be recognized for our excellence and service to our clients. We understand and determine what our customer wants and deliver the service with a high standard of professionalism and conscientiousness.
We believe that the spirit of determination and dedication leads to professionalisms and excellence in whatever we do. We execute our services to our clients with utmost commitment and dedication and hence ensure a high standard of excellence in every endeavor.
We believe in identifying the new ways to improve our efficiency. We encourage the stakeholders to share their new ideas and play a critical role in improving our efficiency. We believe that technology innovations can promote human efficiency. We believe in identifying new systems and processes to continuously improve our services to our clients.
We understand that we are in a critical business of searching the right talent for our clients. The same philosophy applies to our internal employees and hence we give a lot of value to “Grit and “Passion”. We ensure that we give a conducive environment to attract passionate talent for both our client and ourselves.
Growth Mindset
We encourage active learning at all levels. We are an organization with Growth Mindset and hence create ample opportunities for the stakeholders to grow more, learn more and earn more. Our Growth mindset ensures that we search the right talent for our clients that are critical for their success.
E-commerce and Technology Start-ups
Banking and Financial Services
Engineering Services (EPC)