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Today the economic environment of the country is very volatile. Moreover, the high competition has reduced the margins of business. To succeed in the volatile environment, businesses need to plan to adapt this changing scenario. Hence you often need to be flexible with your staffing needs. Manpower cost is often among the highest line items on business’s P&L. Temporary or Contractual staffing can considerably reduce direct and indirect capital expenditure on human resources.

Temporary staffing/Contractual staffing is an apt solution for the industries where seasonal demand or order fluctuation is a big challenge. It reduces the probability of expensive layoffs and gives lots of flexibility for the effective utilization of human resource. Temporary staffing or contract staffing takes place when a person is on our payroll but works out of your office i.e. there is a co-employment relationship between the client, employee and Alltimejobs.

We at Alltimejobs, work closely work with our clients in indentifying and hiring contractual employees. Temporary staff is individually chosen by the client i.e. can be recruited afresh or transitioned from the client’s payroll. All contracts are for a fixed duration (generally 3 months to a year) and can be renewed multiple times.

We at Alltimejobs, have an excellent track record of serving our clients. We have ensured that we work as an extended family with our clients and have ensured 0% deviation in all processes from statuary compliance to timely salary reimbursement. We ensure that we adhere to all the compliances and ensure a seamless coordination both with the client and our associates working with them. We are backed by a strong process oriented culture that ensures quality and help us build long lasting relations both with the clients and associates.

Advantages of contract staffing:
  • All statutory obligations are handled by Alltimejobs.
  • Achieving peak period demands for staffing.
  • No liabilities associated with permanent employment.
  • Allows you to increase staff without increasing headcount.
  • Ensures effective and efficient utilization of manpower.
  • Elimination of valuable time and resources spent in HR & administrative work.
  • Can terminate the contract at any point in time with (due notice.)
  • You get a single invoice for services rendered at the end of the month.
E-commerce and Technology Start-ups
Banking and Financial Services
Engineering Services (EPC)