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Q. How do I apply to Alltimejobs.com?

You can either e-mail your resume to career@alltimejobs.com, or submit your resume online. If your resume is shortlisted, we shall call for an initial telephonic interview.

Q. What are the qualifications needed to apply?

The most important qualification we look for is the willingness to learn and perform. We prefer candidates with at least a graduation certificate. For applicants with less than a year's experience, school/college grades and performance in the exam will be taken into consideration.

Q. Does one have to be a recruitment consultant to join Alltimejobs.com?

The candidate need not have any prior recruiting experience but he/she should be comfortable with MS Word, MS Excel and surfing the web.

Q. Is there a lot of traveling outiside Delhi/NCR involved?

No. However, you will be required to visit clients/prospects in the Delhi/NCR region in order to build relationships with customers.

Q. Can you tell me about on the job training? Who conducts it?

Your team leader is responsible for coaching and skill upgradation. However, we expect all employees to be proactive learners and to make a continuous personal effort to continuously upgrade their skill set.

Q. How does your pay scale compare to the rest of the industry?

Alltimejobs.com believes in a holistic approach to compensation where a highly attractive incentive system is coupled with realistic individual and team goals. For people who perform, we are one of the best paymasters in the industry.

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