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Over the years we have recruited people at all levels for a wide range of global organizations across various industries. Some of our clients include Fortune 500 Companies.

In the recent past, we have shifted our focus on only on the executive and CXO level search for the following industries:


IT & ITES industry has been a significant growth contributor to Indian economy from quite some time now. According to Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Indian IT & ITES industry accounts for 55% of the global sourcing market in year 2010. Technology is and will play an important role in meeting the evolving needs of our population. Companies (whether product or services) need to rethink on their strategy to re-align their thought process to use technology to meet the needs of the consumer by improving their value proposition. Globally, India has been a preferred partner for most of the international companies to outsource their back-office and IT functions. Hence it is an industry which will keep on performing because of inflating domestic and International demands.

With this evolution, there will be a definite increase in the competition to meet the complex needs of the clients. There will always be a challenge of having the right talent with requisite skills to deliver better than your competitor and meeting the high but relevant expectations of the clients.

E-commerce & Technology Start-ups

Because of the rise of the internet population in India, e-commerce industry is experiencing a growth which it has never seen before. Over and above the Indian customer’s perception has drastically changed over the last few years. A large amount of credit for the change in perception goes to the new generation entrepreneurs and the effort they are putting in to promote their ventures. The effort of these entrepreneurs towards improving the logistics and payment infrastructure is very commendable. Now when they have got the success in changing the traditional mindset of the Indian customer, there is a very high expectation from the client for a quality service.

The next challenge for these entrepreneurs is to find the right talent to further evolve and innovate their product to meet the soaring expectation of clients to win over the competition.

In our growing economy, Entrepreneur is the buzz word. Most of these entrepreneurs are using technology as a base for their ventures. This is also visible from the inclination of angel investors and VCs to fund start ups with strong technology background.

With the expansion of the use of cloud computing, the cost of technology has become insignificant. As a result the real cost of making these technology ventures successful, is the availability of quality technology talent. Over the years, most of the companies (including start-ups and established brands) have struggled to find the right talent for their assignments. For the start-ups the most important challenge entrepreneurs speak about is not raising funding or selling their product, but to acquire the right talent but also retain it.

Banking and Financial Services

India’s economic growth is largely dependent on banking and financial services. Liberalization in Indian economy had made a deep impact on this sector. The economy has experienced private sector participation in banking and financial services through an explosion of insurance companies, foreign banks, mutual funds, venture capital etc.

Several new products and instrument have been introduced. With the participation of new private players, the market has become very competitive. The players are forced to improve their value proposition through better products and deep distribution channels.

Like any other industry, expansion and competition bring its own challenges for the industry. Talent shortage is one the biggest challenge for BFSI and is quite evident from the series of reports published on the industry in the last few years.

Engineering Services (EPC)

As Indian companies are moving up the value chain as service providers of Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to rest of the world, there is a possibility of adding another growth stream i.e. Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO).
 As per NASSCOM & Booz Allen Hamilton report on “Globalization of Engineering Services”, currently global spending on engineering services is estimated to be $750 billion per year and only $10-15billion is currently being off-shored. India currently has a 12% market share and by 2020, it is expected to increase to 25-30% of much larger $150-225 billion market of offshore Engineering Services.

Engineering Services is playing a key role in offering employment to the youth of our country. From an engineer from a top notch college to a simple technical ITI, everyone has benefited from this growth. The industry is already facing a talent crunch and with the expected growth of the industry, it will only go up.


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E-commerce and Technology Start-ups
Banking and Financial Services
Engineering Services (EPC)