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Industries are evolving and so is the process of doing business. Technology has made a huge impact on the way the organisations are executing their business. One critical factor which has remain constant , is the need of exceptional talent who can adapt the continous change.

We follow a disciplined appproach to execute our search assignements. Our approach is focussed on the fact that the good talent may not necessarily looking for a job change. You need to approach this talent rather than waiting for them to respond to your requirement. The talent search is no more a local level process; rather the open-economy enviornment has ensured transistion of talent across the boundries. We at Alltimejobs, understand the global nature of job and keep this fact alive in our approach.

We are quite confident in saying that, talent search is an art and we have made it our speciality.

Our approach is divided in following steps:

Understanding the Requirement

We spend considerable amount of time on learning about our client organization and understand their product/services. We meet with Management and key staff to understand history and culture of the organization. With key people we define the short- and long-term objective for the new executive and how does he/she fit in the organization.
Our objective is to come out with a detailed document which is not a simple job description but clearly define the professional experience and the personal characteristics required for the role. It also helps us as a headhunter and the potential candidate, about the key success and failure factors for the role.

Creating a Talent Pool

We make a genuine effort to understand the ecosystem of our client. We consult our clients to identity industries, target roles and competitor organizations. We conduct extensive research on competitor organizations in order to cast as wide a net as possible to assemble deep and diverse candidate pool.
In this process we map out the target organizations in terms of their reporting structure, salary and key talent/people. We identify those successful people who are not actively looking for a job change. In the entire process of mapping companies we aggressively pursue references to identify “great people”.

In the past, through this process we have created a diverse and rich network of contacts.

Screening and Hence Narrowing the Search

We spend time with our client to understand the important screening parameters. We conduct detailed telephonic and in-person screening process to narrow down the list of prospects to a reasonable number. On many occasions this screening process includes an exhaustive informal chat with the potential profile to understand his/her motivation and aspirations.

We try to indentify the past success and failures of the candidates. Through this we identify his/her attitude and passion for work. We also try to understand the scope of work the person has handled in the past assignments. All this helps us to evaluate the profile on various requirements that may be important for our client’s business.

In our screening process we form hypothesis and judgment that can be tested in further interviews/interactions. Our objective has always been to find a fit between past accomplishments and challenges offered by the role under consideration.

After the detailed screening we recommend semi-finalists to our clients to invite them for interviews.

Selecting Finalist

We assist our clients in coordinating the interviews. During our screening process we become a trusted point of contact for the candidate. We keep the process alive by regularly communicating with the candidates and keeping them inform on the status of their interview. We consider ourselves as an extended recruiting arm of our client and hence client’s branding is also a part of our responsibilities. We ensure that people should carry a positive image of our client even if he/she was not selected.

We also ensure that we absorb the detailed feedback from our clients on each and every profile so that we channel that back to the recruiting team to further fine tune the search and selection process.

Final Offer

Our experience says that a good search can be difficult to close. Hence if a client desire, we play a crucial role in the final salary negotiations.

We track and regularly communicate with the candidate closely from the point where the offer is made to the point where the candidate has to join to ensure that “drops” are minimized.

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